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GMI Architects has a long tradition of healthcare units in its 40-year history. This experience has allowed the firm to become leaders in behavioral health design while implementing our philosophy of socially responsible design. GMI has extensive knowledge of program needs and unit layouts which provide optimal healing environments for patients. Inpatient facilities are designed to provide care for those who need it the most and a mix of living, social, clinical, and support spaces provide the best care environments possible.

With GMI’s background in behavioral health units, we are especially equipped to design interiors with behavioral health considerations. Our extensive knowledge of behavioral health products and finishes allows us to provide safe environments that work within each facility’s management system. GMI has also produced numerous risk reports for existing units in order to provide appropriate solutions for updating patient spaces.


Walden Center for Recovery - Dedham, MA

TaraVista Behavioral Health Center - Devens, MA

Solomon Carter Fuller Hospital - Boston, MA

Rockville General Hospital - Vernon, CT

New Behavioral Health Facility (In Progress)

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