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project description

Overlooking Mt. Hope Bay, the Gould & Joyce Residence project is a new two car garage connected to an existing home with a south facing sitting room. New landscaping and a modest deck renovation add to the enjoyable waterfront property.

The project includes the demolition of an existing shed, along with significant re-grading at the east property line to support the new 24’x28’ garage and attached breezeway. The garage contains a workshop area with two large windows facing south toward Mt. Hope Bay. The breezeway is an extension of the walkout basement with a south façade composed entirely of double hung windows and glass door. The structure is wood frame on concrete foundations with wood shake, asphalt shingles, and painted white wood trim. The existing deck stair was modified to allow easier access in coordination with new stone walls and plantings.


Completed 2013


770 sf


Bristol, RI

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