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Connors Pool

project description

A “Net Zero” project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Connors Pool

GMI was commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)  to design a bathhouse and swimming pool on the site of a former MDC pool in Waltham, MA. GMI recommended, and was given approval to redesign a previously approved feasibility study to achieve the status of a true “Net Zero” project, with energy requirements for the project generated by photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. The Connors Pool helped the Department of Conservation and Recreation receive a Leading by Example Award due to the Net-Zero achievement.

Operated by DCR, the original Connors lap pool and bathhouse were built in 1954 and shut down in 2001 due to disrepair and in-accessibility. Located on the bank of the Charles River, the new facility consists of a 26,000 cu. ft. beach entry pool with designated play, exercise, and lap zones, a 1,960 sq. ft. bathhouse and a 1,092 sq. ft. equipment building. The new pool, to be constructed within the existing pool shell, minimizes impact on the site while preserving existing green space. Bathroom and shower facilities, administrative offices, and a first aid room are the main program elements housed in the Bathhouse and are organized with consideration to accessibility, safety, and control. 


Completed 2012


3,000 sf + pool


Waltham, MA

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