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Gary Graham, FAIA


Gary Graham co-founded Graham/Meus Inc. Architects in 1980 to provide pre-architectural, architecture, and interior design services for healthcare, institutional, commercial and residential clients. He is currently the President and CEO of Graham/Meus Incorporated and Director of Graham/Meus Design Strategies. Prior to forming Graham/Meus, Mr. Graham was an Associate with Payette Associates, Inc., Boston, MA from 1970-80; Designer, Hirsch and Cassetti Architects, Elmira, NY, 1969- 70; and Peace Corps Architect, Cali, Columbia, 1968-69.

Gary Graham is an architect, planner and institutional facilitator whose solutions evolve from the functional, cultural, and physical context unique to each situation. His approach engages an informed, enlightened, and involved community of users in the design process. His projects have been recognized with state, regional, and national Design Awards and publications in the national architectural press.

He is a leader in the movement to redefine the therapeutic environment. He is a designer, a lecturer, and a mental health advocate, who educates clinicians, administrators, and the public to the importance of the physical environment to individuals with behavioral problems. His energy and skill has resulted in the design of our nation’s most forward-looking specialized medical facilities.

As a facilitator he has the unique ability to forge consensus out of chaos and fellowship out of conflict. His process leadership has been the catalyst that resolved community opposition; developed design and project guidelines; resolved interdisciplinary territorial conflicts; and provided a voice for patients in the design process.

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