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Brookline Teen


project description

The mission of the Brookline Teen Center is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where teenagers can engage in constructive, educational, and leisure activities. 

GMI, in conjunction with the architectural firm, Horizons Design/Michael Lindstrom Associates, has been working the Brookline Teen Center Building Committee and GLC Development Resources to develop a program and design documents for a non-profit Teen Center in Brookline, MA. During the feasibility/study phase, GMI worked closely with representatives of the teen user group to identify key program elements and to draft preliminary design documents. 

The Teen Center occupies 10,000 square feet on the second floor of an existing two story building, which has been historically used as an automotive garage.  Key program elements include a gymnasium, fitness center, dance studio, music studio, cafe, offices and bowling alley, as well as the addition of a mezzanine, new stair and elevator structure. Required upgrades of the overall building meet mechanical, energy, and life safety codes. GMI is responsible for the design of the recreation spaces (gymnasium, bowling alley, fitness studio, dance studio) as well as the specification and coordination of the fitness equipment.


Completed 2013


10,000 sf


Brookline, MA

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