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House on the


project description

Since the owner’s requirements articulated separate functional zones, the concept of dividing the house into three distinct parts was a natural way to break the mass down to Martha’s Vineyard proportions. The three volumes were carefully sited to take advantage of the views and the sun, and to provide privacy. The central volume is the “main house,” which could operate independently throughout the year. The westerly volume is a center for exercise, with a small apartment above. The easterly volume is a “guest house” with a large entertainment room downstairs, and guest quarters above. These three volumes are linked by porches on the lower level and sun decks above. Superimposed over the casual relationship of the three “houses” are two other geometries: a circle and a square. The circle is an open garden wall that frames the spectacular views across the dunes to the sea. The square is as an allegorical New England stone wall that establishes a distinct border between man and nature. This square is eroded to allow the natural landscape to approach the dwelling.  The architecture is an original adaptation of Island vernacular.  


Completed 1984


6,000 sf


Martha's Vineyard, MA

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