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project description

This 1,700 square foot residence represents an innovative approach to the contemporary beach house. It was built on a sandy peninsula at the northernmost point of Aquidneck Island — Mount Hope Bay to the west, and the Sakonnet RIver to the east. At the same time, it was designed to be a comfortable, livable, year-round home that incorporates a concept of rational sustainability.


The two and one half story structure was built on piers with breakaway glass block infill walls at the lower level. Since non reinforced masonry is allowed as a breakaway methodology, the use of glass blocks not only meets the regulatory requirement, but also provides transparency on the lower level, and glow softly at night to enhance the concept of a house that floats above the ground. 


Other features of the home include a sensitive selection of sustainable materials such as bamboo, slate and travertine tile floors, an advanced framing system with icyenene foam insulation, high performance windows and doors, stainless steel cable guard-rails and natural cherry handrails.  The location also came with a mandate to take advantage of the beautiful views. Every room in this new home is oriented to take advantage of the many moods of the sea and sky.


Completed 2006


1,700 sf


Portsmouth, RI

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