The Anoka Regional Treatment Center is a state of the art 150 bed, 200,000 square foot psychiatric hospital that replaced an ancient, cottage style Asylum from the early twentieth century. This project represents GMI Architects’ abiding interest in the creation of state-of-the-art therapeutic communities. GMI was the design architect in association with project architect Foss Associates of Morehead, MN, and executive architect Horty Elving of Minneapolis MN.

The initial phase of this project involved the development of three new regional treatment centers on different sites within the State. During that initial phase, GMI was responsible for the planning and design of a 100 bed replacement hospital for the Regional Treatment Center in Fergus Falls, MN. GMI was also responsible for creating and coordinating the facility programs for all three state hospital redesign projects, as well having a major role in the development of the State’s safety and security guidelines. After a system wide reassessment, the State of Minnesota determined that only one of the three hospitals would be built. The basic nursing unit was a vital interior component of the space and designed to afford flexibility to adjust for the changing patient populations. A central courtyard, landscaped to mimic the surrounding prairies, offers a beautiful secure space for patients and staff to interact in the core of this truly therapeutic community.

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